The Pildis/Vidis/Widuska Pilgrimage to Lithuania

Vilnius Sights 1
Vilnius Sights 2
Views from the top of Gediminas Tower
Jewish Vilnius 1
Jewish Vilnius 2
Where the Widuskas were
Trakai and goodbye!

First, there was a Neil Steinberg series in the Chicago Sun-Times...which somehow led to 5 descendants of Sarah Widuska (changed to Vidis in the New World) and Abe Pildis going back to the land where their parents and grandparents were born.  Two spouses also came along to see what Lithuania is like.

This site is pretty much complete now, but I welcome any additional pictures or commentary from the other folks on the trip or from Lithuanians who can spot any errors I've made!

Rachel Pildis

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Last Updated: 27 August 2002