Pictures from 2002

2002 started off sadly - Terra was diagnosed with terminal mammary gland cancer only a couple of days after she started acting listless. We got to spend one tearful day with her before letting her go.

The only positive thing to come out of her death was that we had the opportunity to rescue a cat from a shelter. Fangio came to us from Harmony House, and has almost as dynamic a personality as Terra had.
He's a big fan of hugs and naps with humans (only on his own terms, though), and is tolerant of Polly's hissy fits.

For our winter vacation, we revisited the Southwest. We saw an IRL race in Phoenix, desert animals like this jaguarundi at Tucson's Desert Museum, and great landscapes in southern New Mexico. We also caught a White Sox spring training game at Tucson Electric Park (they lost, alas).

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Last updated 3 September 2002