Pictures from 2002 - Part 2

I visited my mom and my brother's family out on the East Coast in May. My grandparents were on their way back north, so we got a four-generation photo (courtesy of Christy!). Standing from left: me, my brother Jon, and my mother Barbara. Seated are my grandparents Edwin and Charline McIntire, with Maddie seated on my grandma.

More fun with Fangio!  He likes sticking out his tongue when concentrating....

...although most of the time he does look pretty much like a normal cat.

Polly has her moments too.  She's utterly entranced by muskmelons, and will quite uncharacteristically demand some when she smells us cutting one open. She will lick the rinds bone-dry when we put them down for her.

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Last updated 3 September 2002