Pictures from 2003

We went out to Richmond in March for Julie and Jeremy's wedding and to visit with the East Coasters in my family. To the right are various Pildises: me, Jon, Maddie, and Barbara. Below are Don, me, Jon, Maddie, and Christy. Note that Don and I were at a disadvantage in the photo below - our legs were a little too short for us to sit up properly on the sofa at Jon and Christy's place. Darn tall people!

Here are Don and I standing outside of Jon and Christy's gorgeous house after I had completed my bridesmatronly duties. No, the experience did not teach me to keep my eyes open for a flash photo. The wedding was a blast, and I can't wait to see the official photo/video record!

Yet more weddings: here we are at Anne Hardgrove's wedding in San Antonio in late May. Many thanks to Anne and David for sending us a picture where we both look good!

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Last updated 15 July 2003