2004 - Spring Cross-Quarter/SLC Visitors

Now it's really spring. Not too long after the equinox, the daffodils, forsythia, and magnolias all appeared, along with some really warm weather. Neither the hot weather nor the early flowers lasted all that long.

With the more temperate weather around the cross-quarter day (a.k.a May Day or Beltane), the tulips, violets, and vinca have lasted much longer. Next up: lilies of the valley and peonies...

Don's sister Susan visited from Salt Lake City, along with her husband David (who was on the same dorm floor as I was my third year of college - how weird is that?) and their daughter Lucy. You can also see David and Susan in our wedding photos.
Lucy is used to having a cat around, so she got along well with "Fozz-o". Polly, on the other hand, is not used to having children around, so she spent the weekend under the bed!

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Last updated 8 May 2004