2006 - A Surprise Birthday Party

Don, with instigation from my buddy Julie, decided to throw me a surprise birthday party this year. I had absolutely no clue that all this planning was going on for 3 months until the moment I walked into the room (the very cool Morales Room) and saw all these people there!

This photo (courtesy of Amber) was taken about 3 seconds after I caught on. From left, it's Don, Jim's back, me, Marti, and Mark.

Don chose a 3-course brunch at Frontera Grill. The food was beyond wonderful, as always, and the service was attentive without being intrusive. And who could beat a dessert platter personalized in chocolate!

Some of the wonderful dishes included:

  • Enchiladas Dulces (Colima-style enchiladas filled with shredded pork picadillo, doused with “sweet” toasted red chile sauce and topped with pickeled napa cabbage and queso anejo)
  • Tamales de Huitlacoche (Sweet corn tamales steamed in corn husks and filled with Tracey’s Huitlacoche (inky corn mushroom); topped with smoky al chipotle sauce and dusted with queso anejo)
  • Pescado Veranal (fresh day-boat catch, marinated with roasted Serrano chile and garlic, grilled and served with heirloom tomato salsa and green herb rice)
And yes, there were printed, personalized menus - so fancy!

This photo and the next few are thanks to Kim, who never made it into any of the pictures...

I was gobsmacked to see so many people go out of their way to come to my party. On the left, Jeremy, Esther, Julie (who came with Jeremy from the Bronx!), and I pose for the camera. Of course my eyes are closed! On the right, Mark, Marti, Jen, and Jim (from the front this time) chat over appetizers and margueritas.

From the left, Amber, Connor, and Todd all came out from Ann Arbor for the party, although Connor concentrated on Cheerios rather than carne asada. Marti and Don dig into dessert.

Tamar, Tom, Marguerite, Jose, and Kim didn't make it into any of the pictures I received, but they were there!

Julie instigated my one other surprise party: my 16th. Check out my shag haircut and aviator glasses! And yes, I was totally surprised that time, too.

It was a pretty rockin' party back in the day, with Deedee, Julie, Beth, Teresa, me, Marla, and Joy. My brother Jon and Julie's brother Bill were there too, but alas, we cannot seem to find the picture of them with underwear on their heads. I suspect a little-brother conspiracy here....

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Last updated 18 November 2006