2008 - Riviera Maya

This winter, we skipped going to New Mexico in order to go to Mexico itself. This was our first plunge into the world of all-inclusives: we went to El Dorado Seaside Suites, about an hour south of Cancun.

View out the front door (by bandini66) Another view from the balcony (by bandini66)

The left photo is the view from our front door, and the right photo is the view off the balcony.

Beach bed (by bandini66) View from the beach bed (by bandini66)

We were primarily there for relaxation, so we did a fair amount of napping on the shady beach beds. You can't beat the view!

Bed by a swim-up bar (by bandini66) Swim-up bar and toes (by bandini66)

Of course, it was a lot easier to snag a bed by the pool than down on the beach, but that just put us closer to the swim-up bars.

Rachel kayak 2 (by bandini66) Underwater offshore (by bandini66)

We also did some activities around the resort, like cooking lessons (Don), yoga (Rachel), and kayaking (both of us). There weren't a whole lot of fish visible in the water near shore, but Don caught a shot of one school.

Don with parrot friends Don with parrot friends

We also gladly volunteered to get our pictures taken with parrots, although we were bummed to miss the monkey picture day.

Tulum (by bandini66) Tulum beach (by bandini66)

We took one tour, to the ruins (and beach) of Tulum.

Oceanfront rooms (by bandini66) Flowers (by bandini66)

The resort was really pretty, and it was wonderful to see all the flowers in bloom.

Looking for mayonnaise packets (by bandini66) Big lizard (by bandini66)

Of course, the animals caught our attention too. The boat-tailed grackles had wild, loud songs, and excelled in stealing mayonnaise packets from outdoor tables. The iguanas were on any warm surface they could find, although the ones at the resort were much smaller than the monsters at Tulum.

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Last updated 8 March 2008