Of course, there was much photography going on. First, family....
Our mothers (Barbara Pildis, left; Mary VanDrisse, right) and us
Don's sister Susan Anderson and her SO David Johnson (who coincidentally shared a college dorm floor with Rachel in the late '80s)
Us with Rachel's dad (Esahr Pildis), sister-in-law (Christy Schragal), brother (Jon Pildis), and niece (lil' Maddie)
Don's dad (Lee Anderson) and us out on the patio
Don, Katie, Don's dad, his aunt Lynne, and Rachel
Don's mom with Jack Davies
Don's cousin Gail Keller and his aunt and uncle (John and Lynne Walfoort)
Some more of Don's aunts and uncles (Tom and Linda Rueckl, and Fran and Jane Kahr)